RV Day 5: Fall Creek Falls

Next stop was Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee – it rained for the first few hours of the day so we got all decked out to go for a wet hike, and then the sun came out as soon as we set off. We hiked a couple miles to the Fall Creek Falls overlook, and had a nice picnic lunch. Kaya and Mila hiked on to the base of the falls and the rest of us went back for a rest and some air conditioning. Most impressively, we managed a selfie with all 6 of us family members and a tiny bit of the waterfall in the background. And yes, I am 2 weeks post-partum and carrying two babies on a hike, which felt way easier than any day from 28-39 weeks pregnant.


1 thought on “RV Day 5: Fall Creek Falls

  1. AWESOME family shot, you guys!!! Who else would be going on a RV vacation two weeks after giving birth? Tracy, YOU are a rock star!


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