RV Day 6: Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

We stayed at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch today, which was a nice quiet campground near what is basically a fairgrounds that hosts things like motorcross races at times. There is a small museum, store, and pool – all of which were closed. People in this part of Tennessee do not seem to care about the ‘Rona – we stopped at Walmart on the way to pick up supplies/groceries. I went in alone while the family had lunch – maybe 15% of shoppers wore masks, there were entire families clearly just shopping for fun, and I felt COVID dirty the whole time. I also spent much of the time at the campground awkwardly yelling at the kids to avoid the other campground kids, who kept coming straight up to them. Our kids completely understand not to approach others and to stay 6 feet apart, but don’t know how to handle it when they are approached – and neither do I, apparently.  On the plus side, I did buy some Lysol wipes at Walmart, which I have not been able to get in Chapel Hill.

I didn’t take any pictures today, so instead I introduce you to our carb cabinet – any real RV family has a carb cabinet.


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