Minus one tooth

Big news of the day is that Kaya lost her first tooth! She has been super excited for weeks (actually, years) about her wiggly tooth and today was the day. We’ll have to see if the tooth fairy can manage a visit tonight (he has been a little stretched lately, but I think will pull it off). In the hospital, Maggie had a good day although is feeling crummy tonight. I think she has actual engraftment syndrome (with that other stint being pre-engraftment syndrome). I’m hoping we can manage with Tylenol and lasix and avoid more steroids (and the PICU), but we shall see. She did have some neutrophils in her blood today, so here’s hoping for even more tomorrow. Is 500 too many to ask for?


2 thoughts on “Minus one tooth

  1. That tooth was awfully wiggly on Sunday! The two grandmas were looking for a tooth fairy little pouch yesterday and didn’t find one. We knew the time was short! I wonder what the going rate the Fairy is now a days??
    Keeping fingers crossed Maggie feels ok with Tylenol and Lasix. ❤❤❤❤


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