Future Red Sox Fan

The key to getting good seats at a Red Sox game is going in the second inning during a rainy day and scoring seats under cover. Ideally, it starts drizzling durring the game so that the pansies take off and it’s easier to get hot dog service. Here’s our future fan at her first game.

Tracy at Fenway Park

Tracy and Baby at their first family Red Sox game

Baby needs a place to sleep.

Nesting is hard work.  Nothing ever comes pre-assembled these days.  Luckily, the quality on DIY furniture has gone up tremendously over the last decade or so making jobs like these a snap.

Tommy builds a crib

Tommy struggling with the new baby furniture.

Tracy was really a big help putting all of these things together.  It’s practically impossible to do this without someone reading the instructions to you in a commanding fashion.  “No, no, no I said screw ‘H'”

Tracy gestating on the bed

Tracy hard at work gestating