Gymnastics graduate

Many congratulations to Kaya for completing a whole year of kindergarten gymnastics – it was very fun to watch her have so much fun in the process. She is very proud of her medal. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but anyone else teach gymnastics super pregnant? Me neither – gymnasts are strong people!


Oh so good

About a year ago Tommy put the whole family on a low carb diet – most of our dinners have been meat/fish and vegetables and has been great for the post-baby-#3-body effort. However, with our move and work being busy and many of life demands, our allegiance to this diet has slipped lately. And the kids are LOVING it. Lasagna tastes oh-so-good after a year of green beans and steak!


Hand Mowing

This is a picture of Yoya, Dylan, and Laney helping me “mow” our lawn without a lawn mower. Can’t get a better support system than this. Well, I unless you have a support system that has a working lawn mower.

IMG_3643 copy