Rainy days in the city



Good thing we bought an extra freezer!  This is our frozen stash of milk, which could sustain Kaya for about 3 weeks if I stopped making milk all at once.  It looks like a lot, but it’s easy to burn through when you’re an insatiable 6 month old.DSC_4833

Go Porties!

Congrats to Portuguese Water Dogs everywhere.  The breed’s representative Matisse won the working group in the Westminster Dog Show tonight – a huge win for the breed.  Unfortunately, Matisse was sporting the lion cut which is not a favorite in the Rose household.  (Poor Bo in the White House couldn’t decide whether to watch the dog show or the State of the Union tonight – sadly we had to watch the SOTU due to lack of channel options).  Max thinks he could have won the working group too:


Boston wakes up

The T is still not running out to us yet, so we Bjorned the baby and took a hike out to Coolidge Corner for lunch and shopping.  And we found out the rest of Brookline did the same thing!  We had some crepes and then went to Magic Beans to buy a high chair and look at convertible carseats.  Kaya had definite high chair preferences – she screamed bloody murder when put in the Tripp Trapp – but liked the Bloom highchair a lot.  Unfortunately, that one costs over 500 dollars.  We finally decided to go with the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair – and we’re excited about it! (This is Kaya trying the Boon Flair, a close second choice)