Now we just need the wedding dress

Kaya found the tiara from my wedding outfit – she instantly identified it as worthy of a true polite request and asked, “Mommy, could you please put your tiara on me please? So I can be like you at your wedding.” Who can say no to that? And in the process, she gave away that she IS in fact capable of being polite. Good to know.


King Marty

Kaya and Laney’s dog uncle Marty is staying with us for a while so he doesn’t pee all over Grandma Baba’s new carpet. He’s adjusting just fine to the Rose family, although he and Kaya are battling for third position on the totem pole. At night when Kaya is tired, she lets her guard down. This is a picture of him stealing her pillow and poor Kaya curled up in the middle of her bed pillowless. King Marty wins again.



Kaya and her school friend Charlie take swim lessons together on Saturday mornings, which means Laney and her friend Molly (aka Charlie’s little sister) get to play as well. Many times Laney and Molly pretend they don’t know each other when they are poolside, but the post-lesson antics in the locker room tell the real tale. I managed to catch their locker climbing in action.


Weekend staycation

Such a great weekend at home – after traveling for 4 straight weekends, and then moving for 2 weekends before that, I am very happy to have spent a weekend in town.

We did lots of swimming thanks to the North Carolina heat – including in the Eno River on Saturday. The adults, babies, and dogs all had a blast. Even our long-term guest Marty! He’s never had so much fun before!