Snow Day!

We got some snow in Durham the last couple of days — enough to make the streets a mess and cancel all planned activities. Not quite the 2 feet of snow our kin up north got – but enough to play!



Ice “Skating”

Kaya has been asking to go ice skating for weeks. We finally took her on Sunday. Except we didn’t figure out that the local place was closed and the semi-local place was closed until after we left the house. Kaya was so upset when she found out it was closed that we ended up driving to Raleigh for some evening ice skating. It was lovely. I expected Kaya to dislike it when she found out how hard it is to skate at age 3, but she LOVED it.



I have been stressing about giving a talk at the 2016 GU Cancers Symposium in San Francisco and am proud to say it is OVER and I SURVIVED! I’m not sure how many hundreds of people attended the talk, but it was a very very large room filled with the top world experts in kidney cancer listening to me give a talk on kidney cancer – intimidating to say the least. Here’s a photo a friend snapped of me on the megatron. I am very excited to head home – Kaya said on the phone tonight, “Mommy, was that 3 days? I think it was 51 days” Feels like 51 to me too!


12 months! (kinda)

We could have taken this picture when Laney was 12 months on one of those balmy 70 degree December days we had. But we decided to wait until it was 40 degrees to take an outside picture of Laney in spaghetti straps. She didn’t seem to mind our procrastination, though! Congratulations to Laney (and more importantly to Tommy, who helps me kicking and screaming each month) on completion of her monthly photos!