Last week Laney was obsessed with shoes. This week, she’s obsessed with buckles. When we arrive at any destination and unbuckle her carseat straps, she insists on rebuckling them. Then says “buckle” and asks to be unbuckled, so she can buckle them again. Repeat x 25. It may even be more than 25, but that’s the highest number I’ve had the patience to get up to. She sure does love it though.


Who needs a double stroller?

The girls and I spent Saturday afternoon at Duke Gardens. It was a beautiful NC spring day and the Gardens were packed with people. The kids ran around the gardens and we watched the ducks, swans, and carp, then had cheese, bananas, and pasta (what more could a kid want?) at the cafe on the veranda. The kids were so happy they even shared a stroller without anyone getting shoved. It would have been a perfect afternoon except Tommy was missing due to SmartHome event.



We have been watching a nest with eggs in it for quite some time and the baby birds were finally born! There are three baby robins in the tree near our fence, and the nest is just low enough that we can see in it without a ladder. Last night the girls and I went and bought some live worms to put out for the mommy bird to feed her babies. It’s a lovely process for Kaya (and me!) to see – she is very engaged. It’s nice to hear her ask to go see the baby birds again instead of asking to look at pictures on the iPad.


Bulls Win!

We couldn’t be happier that baseball season has started. The Durham Bulls are the world’s best minor league baseball team, and a favorite activity for our family. Sundays are “Kids run the bases” days at the ballpark. Last year, Kaya wouldn’t do it by herself. But this past Sunday, she sprinted around the bases at the end of the game. She still won’t give our mascot Wool E. Bull a high give while rounding second base though – maybe next year. And the Bulls won that night!


Baby Goats

One of the local farms opens its doors a few days per year and lets the public in to play with the baby goats. It is maybe the cutest thing we’ve ever done. Baby goats are surprisingly social and don’t mind being held or touched at all. And they are very tolerant of human children. A definite success.


Baby Sushi

A bunch of Kaya’s friends have parents who are pregnant or recently had babies. Today, she comes out of the playroom like this saying, “This is my baby. She is going to come out soon. I’m going to name her Sushi.”


On the move

I am officially staying at UNC for the next few years, but that doesn’t stop us from completing our every 3-4 year ritual of packing up our whole house and moving. This time we’re only move across town, though. We still don’t know where we will land, but we’re planning to put our house on the market in the next several weeks. Luckily this year I have very adorable little packing helpers!