We up and flew to Nashville this Thanksgiving and left our kitchens behind. It was maybe the best Thanksgiving ever. We took Angelica and Yoya and Dylan and the girls and all stayed in an Air BnB near the (fake) Parthenon. Days were filled with museum-ing, boot shopping and ice skating, and nights were filled with live country music and cheap beer. And we even went cave spelunking (sp?) (maybe more like stair climbing) on the last day at Mammoth Cave. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time – I know I did. And we even had Thanksiving dinner at least 4 times from a big Thanksgiving day order from Whole Foods. This picture is taken at the Opryland hotel in a Christmas ornament (Note: Ornament is large, we have not shrunk).


Five (Not all) Guys

My newest favorite Rose family tradition is Monday night Five Guys. The girls have gymnastics and I have clinic on Mondays, so it has proven impossible to make a home cooked healthy meal on Mondays. So we have started picking up Five Guys burgers and fries (and peanuts for Laney) and now I look forward to my bacon cheeseburger during every Monday clinic. And so does Kaya! The 5 Rose guys really like Five Guys.

2017-11-20 18.21.53



Happy 3rd Birthday Laney!

Laney is growing up to be an eloquent, thoughtful little girl – I can’t believe she is already 3! She knows her upper case letters, how to spell her first name, and is the only person in our family that is both a BIG sister and a LITTLE sister. She can really do it all.

We celebrated with a party with all her friends at Notasium, which is a great, both-parent-and-kid friendly establishment. Here’s to mimosas during all birthday parties.

Happy birthday Laney – we love you!


Big girl bath

Look who has graduated to the big girl bath! Maggie’s favorite time of day (or maybe favorite time every few days) has always been bathtime, but she is just so thrilled to join her sisters in the bath now.  So exciting!


Scholastic Awards

Kaya has been doing a fantastic job in Kindergarten – she LOVES learning every day and is reading full sentences and hard words. She now reads to us at bedtime! And she is very deserving of the 1st quarter scholastic achievement award she won in kindergarten. Congratulations Kaya!