Birthdays are the best! Kaya has talked¬†about planning her birthday party pretty much daily for the last 2 years – and this has been accelerated to hourly since her friend Megan’s birthday party last weekend. Cupcakes are also a favorite topic of conversation.

IMG_0138 copy


We had a few people over on Sunday to cheer on the Carolina Panthers. The girls were pretty excited to set up their chairs in front of the TV and giggled at the commercials. The game was not so exciting for them, and a bit of a let down for us too. Maybe next year Carolina!


Dance class

Kaya is taking a dance class on Saturday mornings at our local dance studio. She LOVES it – much more successful than soccer class so far. I think the warmth of an inside dance studio is also preferable to her than a cold soccer field. I’m a little unimpressed with the actual amount of dancing they do¬†(they spend too much time standing in line or sitting around) – I think they should just turn on Beyonce and break it down for 45 minutes, but she seems to love it anyway.


Tennis Groupies

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately – last weekend to Columbus and this weekend to Atlanta. It turns out the January tennis circuit is quite happening. First we watched the Ohio State men’s team whomp Denver University. And yesterday we watched an old friend Jesse from Emory play a killer mixed doubles match. I’m not sure our Waffle-House-hat-wearing family fit in with the Chastain Park tennis elite (the first thing someone did was bring over a blanket for the baby to sit on after I put her in the (gasp!) bare grass), but we had a great time.