Our new favorite family activity is swimming – Kaya loves it although doesn’t exactly know how to stay afloat.  I’m still not 100% sure about the etiquette rules of diapers and pools – as of now we put Kaya in a normal diaper with a swim diaper on top and then a bathing suit on top of that.  By the end of a swim session her regular diaper is saturated though, which makes me think if water can get in, urine can get out.  But she loves it too much to wait until she’s out of diapers to take her swimming.


Red Sox

All tuckered out and catching some zzz’s on a Saturday afternoon at Fenway.  She had a pretty good nap before the 8th inning rally woke her up.  The weather was perfect with light drizzle at times, which meant the ballpark was quiet and we could get covered seats behind home plate.  Plus the sky was the perfect shade of baseball grey so the Indians couldn’t find fly balls in the air.  Go sox!IMG_0581


Kaya had her 9 month check up today – she weighed in at 19 lbs 11 oz which is exactly triple her birth weight.  Dr. Kerbel told her that she could eat/drink anything now, except peanuts and honey.  I’m not sure this is what he meant.