Brownie Skepticism

Laney was not so sure about this brownie we offered her. I have a feeling she’ll come around.


Happy Birthday Yoya!

We were very happy to celebrate Yoya’s birthday with her this evening. We made her chicken pot pie, pina coladas, and brownies. Kaya helped her blow out the brownie candles. Happy birthday Yoya!


Emily’s Farm

This past weekend my friend Emily was kind enough to host us for a farm visit. She boards her horse at a nearby farm, and we stopped by to check it out. There were pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens, horses, dogs, swing sets, a tire swing and a trampoline. It was a 3 year old’s paradise. We even got to see Emily ride around for a few minutes (bareback no less due to some saddle-finding difficulties).DSC_2557

No High!

Although she hasn’t used a highchair for months at home, Kaya tends to get a bit jealous of Laney’s new ability to sit in a highchair in restaurants. So, we had an official highchair graduation celebration the other night at home.

The cake reads, “No High” and then there’s a plastic chair. Turns out it’s kind of hard to write letters on a cake without one of those icing writing tools.

Congrats to Kaya for her future of big girl chairs!