This weekend was pride weekend in Durham. A nice lunch on Ninth St was followed by a fun parade. Kaya got some bead, a lollipop and a rainbow flag to fly on our porch.  Proud to live in Durham.


Happy Birthday Yoya!

After a whirlwind weekend, we had a nice birthday celebration for Aunt Laura (pronounced Yoya, by some). I also learned that you can’t flip a cake upside down to get it out of the pan, or it’ll fall apart.  Still delicious though! Happy Birthday Aunt Yoya! So glad you’re here to celebrate with us.


Pumpkin Patch

We had quite the eventful weekend in Durham – it’s going to take me all week just to hit all the highlights on the blog.  After a delicious Cracker Barrel breakfast Saturday morning, we took our annual pumpkin patch trip to Ganyard Hill Farm.  This time, we dragged Grandpa Lipps and Laura along so got to bring home 5 pumpkins to decorate the lawn.  We rode a hayride, fed the goats, played in the corn pit, got lost in the corn maze, and lamented the fact Uncle Dylan got stuck in Madison due to the Chicago fires on Friday and missed out on the fun.  Laura even came home with corn in her underwear.  We already can’t wait for next year.

DSC_8928 DSC_8937


Watching Kaya develop her language skills has been fascinating – she now makes great full sentences, but sometimes she merges languages. Her current favorite sentence is “Me quiere mas + noun in English” which translates to “ME want more + noun in English.”  Laura even made her a meme.


Eat, drink and be married!

Congrats to my co-fellow Emily on her upcoming nuptials.  I had the interesting pleasure of DDing a night out with the girls on Saturday to Raleigh to celebrate one of her last nights of single womanhood (I suppose you can call it a bachelorette party).  Look at these happy women.



We spent the weekend celebrating the end of my first year of fellowship with the other fellows in my class.  We all rented a house for three nights in Wrightsville Beach and attempted to block out our memories of acute leukemia and TTP with 90’s rap music.  Hooray for never being a first year fellow again!