Cape Charles

We’ve spent the last week in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake in Virginia.  It’s a sleepy little town, but has a fantastic beach perfect for toddlers and young kids.  Max got to swim every morning and there was live music on the beach nearly every night.  Baby Trey came down from DC to continue his long distance love affair with Kaya.  She played hard to get this time like her true toddler diva self.



Kaya has the measles!  Or at least an attenuated form of the virus, which causes an attenuated form of measles.  She has been very grumpy with a low grade fever the last couple days, and today she woke up looking like this!DSC_6764

Kings Dominion

We spent Sunday at King’s Dominion after we found out the hotel we slept in the night before was 5 minutes down the road.  It turns out that Kings Dominion has thought of everything and it’s possible to just show up and they sell anything you could need.  Have a dog with nowhere to go? No problem – they have a kennel.  1 year old with no stroller? No problem – stroller rental? Fair-skinned redhead and blazing hot sun? No problem – brimmed hats for sale every 5 feet.  It was a great mix of baby rides and roller coasters, as well as some delicious chicken tenders and a $12 refillable soda bottle.DSC_6463