Kaya’s new friend Summer came all the way from Texas to celebrate Halloween at the Rose household.  They haven’t exactly learned to play together yet – but Kaya learned how to roll over (front to back) while sharing her play mat with Summer.  I predict a wonderful friendship in the future.


This past weekend we found the Tampa area to be quite nice, although we spent a long time discussing the residents’ choices on lawn care, driveways and mailboxes.  Many residents in Great Grandma’s neighborhood have chosen to paint their houses and driveways the same (hideous) color.  Some have chosen to fill their lawn with statues instead of grass.  And here is an example of a mailbox across the street from Great Grandpa’s living facility.  Classy.

Baby Faces

Kaya’s current favorite toy is a ring of cards that hangs from her carseat and displays faces of other babies.  She watches the babies, and talks to them and smiles at them.  This was a gift from her cousins (second cousins?) Cora and Cali and their parents.  At first I was a little skeptical that she would take to it, but now I can’t imagine putting her in her carseat without her little baby face friends.

Happy 88th!

This weekend we visited Kaya’s great grandparents (Tommy’s grandparents) in Florida.  She’s the first great grandbaby on their side of the family and they were thrilled to meet her.  Kaya was pretty smitten with great grandma as well.  Notable events from the weekend: watching a beautiful sunset, classic Kircher family foot/hand moulding, great grandma’s 88th birthday (!!), fantastic surf and turf dinner (thanks Hardy!) and Kaya’s first pushup and visit to the swimming pool.  We squeezed a lot into 36 hours in Florida.  More pics in the gallery.

Very important pillow

Max’s new favorite pillow is Kaya’s breastfeeding pillow (annoyingly named “My Brest Friend”).  No matter where it is, he finds it and uses it as his own personal lounge chair.  I think it’s cute how he senses the priority given to this pillow, and therefore feeding the baby.  Or perhaps he just likes the smell of baby poop and spit up.