3 Months

Kaya turned 3 months yesterday.  She was in a serious mood – here’s hoping for a smiley picture at 4 months.  She’s definitely taken an interest in the blocks though.

Hurricane Sandy

We were out braving Hurricane Sandy today in South Boston on the harbor.  The Gangsteads are landlocked in Dallas, so Steven really tried to experience the hurricane in all its glory.   James went along for the ride.  We stayed inside.


Kaya’s new friend Summer came all the way from Texas to celebrate Halloween at the Rose household.  They haven’t exactly learned to play together yet – but Kaya learned how to roll over (front to back) while sharing her play mat with Summer.  I predict a wonderful friendship in the future.


This past weekend we found the Tampa area to be quite nice, although we spent a long time discussing the residents’ choices on lawn care, driveways and mailboxes.  Many residents in Great Grandma’s neighborhood have chosen to paint their houses and driveways the same (hideous) color.  Some have chosen to fill their lawn with statues instead of grass.  And here is an example of a mailbox across the street from Great Grandpa’s living facility.  Classy.