Minus a few adenoids

Our little trooper Maggie had ear tubes put in and her adenoids taken out about a month ago – she did great and was mildly cranky for about a week afterwards. I *think* she snores less now, and she actually had a week or two without a cold after surgery. Here’s my brave little girl in pre-op – so cute even in a hospital gown.


We (barely) moved!

When a house across the street went up for rent, Tommy and I decided to just go “have a look.” Well, it only took about 2 minutes for us to realize that our living situation of 6 people in a 1300 square foot house was just too crowded.

So, we pack up all our stuff and rolled it across the street. Many thanks to a very large team of helpers and we are slowly getting settled. It like this house SO much more – I hated the other house’s feng shui – but this house is much better.

Kaya loves it too!

new house

LANEY’s place

Discovered a few new readers of the blog lately, so have been inspired to post more frequently. Laney can recognize her letters, and most definitely her name, and was pretty excited when she saw this sign. She would also like everyone to know that she has two babies in her belly (one of her teachers is pregnant) and she is going to name them both William.


Winter’s Past

We celebrated the fact that winter *might” actually be past us by a trip out to Winterpast Farm this weekend. It’s a one-(wo)man farm with lots of animals to pet and feed. The girls (and I) had a blast and I appreciated the intimacy of the place. And the bunnies are SO CUTE!