We’re Home!

After some negotiating with the brand new pediatrics resident team, we finally made it home Saturday afternoon. The girls were SO EXCITED to meet their new baby sister and I was SO EXCITED to be home. Yoya and Dylan and Baby Ben came over and Tommy managed to make a full dinner of burgers, dogs, grilled eggplant, chips/guac, and fresh corn (after no sleep the night before. Did I mention he is the most amazing soul that ever lived?).


Introducing Orla Belle Rose!

We are proud to announce the birth of Baby Rose #4, now known as Orla Belle Rose. Born at 6 lb 11 oz on a busy Friday evening (June 26) at UNC at 7:01pm. It was a pretty uneventful labor, followed by 2 minutes of mayhem and a delivery by the nurse – and there was a beautiful baby girl! We are so lucky to welcome her to our family and our hearts are full.


I even delivered COVID-19 style with a mask in place!


Happy TransplantiFathers Day!

Today was a big day of celebration – first, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Maggie’s hematologic system (ie her 2 year anniversary from her cord blood transplant). And we celebrated the amazing dad that Tommy is for Father’s Day!

Maggie was SUPER confused and kept telling us that she was “not two, THREE.” And then she saw the cake and decided it was just fine with her to be two again if it meant chocolate cake! We feel so lucky to celebrate this milestone that we weren’t sure would happen.