Kaya’s great aunt Winnie is an amazing knitter and Kaya survived her first winter up in Boston with a homemade knit hat compliments of Winnie. Well, we couldn’t be more thrilled to receive a new edition this winter to help us through all these polar vortexes. These hats are beautiful and so well made. They are the only hats Kata will keep on her head as well. Thanks Aunt Winnie!


A day off!

I finally got a day off today – one of the most needed days off I’ve ever had. Apologies for the few blog posts but I haven’t seen the family enough to even know what updates to post.

Tommy and I spent the day cleaning up vomit. Kaya’s got some GI bug and has been feeling pretty puny. And to give you some sense of how much I love my job right now, it was definitely the best day i’ve had in a few weeks!

Finally a rest after all that puking…



So this is what happened.  Tommy went away for the weekend for a “company retreat.” I think that means a ski trip with his friends. Then, he texts me a picture of MY favorite sandwich (the BLAT from the Globe in Copley), which he is eating with said “company” in Boston while I am eating cold cafeteria food at work during a tornado warning on a Saturday afternoon. Life is cruel.