Bienvenidos Angelica!

Please excuse the dearth of posts for the last few weeks – we have been quite busy adding ANOTHER (this time temporary) member of our family. Last week we welcomed Angelica, our new au pair from Colombia. She is settling in now at home and has spent lots of great quality time with Maggie and is getting to know the girls as well (they have been at school/camp). It’s going to be a great year!

2017-06-23 12.49.22

Bean Town…No Wait

On our last day in Chicago last week, we had a few hours to explore. We had a delicious lunch on Michigan Avenue (sorry forgot the name of the place) and then found the bean! It was much more interesting than expected. But unfortunately the girl that offered to take our picture for some reason held the camera at 45 degrees – Tommy and I were both so puzzled while she was taking the picture that neither of us spoke up. So here’s our crooked Bean picture!

2017-06-05 14.10.00

3 months

Tis the end of the 4th trimester! Happy 3 months to Maggie. She has already traveled to California, Nevada, Illinois, and Florida. She is sleeping pretty well and is very excited to stay home with Gammy all month. She is rolling front to back and holding her head up pretty well. And smiling a lot. Unfortunately we lost the background blanket for the 3 month shot – if anyone is good with photoshop let me know and I’ll give you 20 bucks to just copy and paste it behind her.


Coos for GG

We spent a lovely Memorial Day weekend in Tampa with Tommy’s grandmother (the kids’ great grandma GG). She got to meet Maggie, who instantly started smiling and cooing when placed in GG’s arms. The kids also got to play in the pool and go to the beach, and I got to eat some delicious breadsticks and bagels and lox. Plus we got to rent a brand new Chrysler Pacifica, which was pretty sweet and gives the Odyssey a run for its money. As always, lovely to see GG, plus we got a bonus visit with Uncle Ken and Gammy.