Bang bang bang

We can’t claim to run a gender neutral household, but we appreciate when Kaya has toys other than shopping carts and baby dolls (or, notice the purse in the foreground and the stroller in the background). For example, her new toolset is very encouraged.  Unlike Mommy, maybe she’ll learn to hammer without closing her eyes.



We dyed eggs last weekend for Easter – turns out it’s not that great an activity for an almost 2 year old. She can’t balance the eggs on the dipper, can’t hold a cup of dye without spilling it, and doesn’t like to get dye on her hands.  We should have gone with rabbit sticker decorations – that would have been a hit.


Annual Egg Hunt

The annual Rose Family Easter Egg Hunt happened last weekend and Kaya discovered jelly beans!  She is good at seeing the Easter eggs if she’s looking in the right direction, but she’s pretty bad at changing the direction she is looking in order to find more eggs.  After however many years of solo Easter egg hunting with Tommy, it was quite refreshing to have a new participant.