Welcome, Kaya Tiffany Rose

Welcome to the family, Kaya!  We are proud to announce Kaya Tiffany Rose, born July 29, 2012 at 2:07pm.  Dad, mom and baby are all happy and healthy!

Kaya sleeping peacefully about 12 hours after delivery.

Tommy and Tracy in the triage room between contractions. You can see the EMG behind Tracy.

Tommy shows off his sweet threads. Thank you to Carlos and Stephanie for providing the hyper-appropriate t-shirt.

Tommy, Tracy, and nurse-Suzy, lounging in the delivery room about 60 minutes before Kaya was delivered.

6 lbs., 9 oz. A small baby by most standards. If it’s coming out of you, however, there is no such thing as small.

I snapped this photo about 5 minutes after the delivery. Kaya is in my right hand, and the camera is in my left. You can see Tracy and Suzy in the background beginning the recovery process.

Mother and daughter. Instant classic. These are some beautiful women.

Dad holds baby between feedings.

How to go into labor

What made Kaya decide to make her appearance last Sunday?  Well, we can’t be sure, but perhaps our three hour hike and dog playtime did it.  Laura, Tommy, Max, Piolina, and I decided to get some fresh air and check out the Ponkapoag Trail in the Blue Hills Reservation south of the city.  We spent the whole afternoon hiking (well, more like strolling) and playing with the dogs in the water.  Piolina (Laura’s rescue dog and recent immigrant from El Salvador) officially learned to swim and loved it.  And I loved the fact that we came home and I went into labor a few hours later (hence the slightly delayed blog post).


Due Date!

Today’s the baby’s due date! Except she apparently missed the memo and is instead content to practice her soccer skills on my abdominal wall for a bit longer. Here’s a sneak preview of her though…sorta.

Scale Hatred

A few months ago, Tommy bought a fancy new scale to track his weight. It takes a measurement, then automatically uploads it to an internet site where you can track the trend over time. We were very impressed because it could discriminate between us based on our weight, and put the measurements in the correct graphs online. This was all fun and games until the ninth month of pregnancy. Now, the scale has to ask me whether I’m Tommy or Tracy, because our weights are so similar. I am no longer friends with the scale.