Kaya is currently going through an “I don’t want to sleep alone stage.” As soon as we get around to it, the girls are going to share a room. But in the meantime, we insist on her sleeping in her room. And she insists on sleeping as close to us as possible. And this is the outcome. She also refused to put on her pajamas the night this picture was taken in typical threenager fashion.


Soccer Shots

Our Saturday morning now include soccer practice for Kaya in a league called Soccer Shots. I am amazed at the quality of the coaches, who can motivate a team of 10 3-year olds to follow directions and do soccer drills. Kaya has yet to truly grasp the point of the scrimmage, but she’s loving the dribbling and goal-scoring during the drills. The next Mia Hamm?



Finally we had a little bit of sun this weekend to allow for some pumpkin acquisitions. Saturday we went to the museum’s Pumpkin Patch Express train with Yoya and our out of town friends Brian and Renata, and then Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch in Cary (where we ran into 5 of Kaya’s friends from school and 1 of my friends from work!).



With Tommy out of town this weekend, Yoya, Dylan, and my friend Karlyn from work came over for dinner. While we were enjoying Dylan’s homemade chicken soup and bread, Kaya excused herself to go practice writing her name…on the carpet. Luckily with washable markers. Her A’s are getting pretty good though!


Heads up

Our local mall is now a 3 year old’s dream. Instead of the usual inside play place that is typical for malls, they now have a Carousel, coin-operated rides, a bounce house, and the newest addition: little animals that you can rent and ride around the mall. Kaya loved it, although is not quite good enough at steering yet to do it completely by herself.