Snoopy’s Friend (because I don’t know his real name)

Kaya is starting to overcome her fear of large characters at events/theme parks. She used to want to watch from a distance and would freak out if they got less than 10 feet away. Now she wants to get close and touch them, but only if a loved one is with her to hide behind if necessary.


No, I’m Kaya!

Kaya got to meet her cousin, Kaia, this past weekend at the Rose family picnic. Kaia is 5 months younger than Kaya. Kaya thought it was pretty neat that there were two of them with the same name! (Our Kaya is a little chunkier!)


Great weekend

We had a great time staying home this weekend – a much needed Durham-centric no-plans weekend. Saturday we went to Waffle House, then to the sprayground, then home for lunch and nap. Then we picked up Yoya and sandwiches from Fosters and went to a live reggae concert at a local park which was tons of fun. Today we went to Guglhupf and then home to play legos and do laundry. Then we went to play with Channa’s new baby Alvin and to the pool. Kaya was so exhausted she fell asleep on the way home and never woke up. And I only took one picture all weekend:



Me: “Laney is fussing. Kaya, can you get her a toy to play with?
Kaya: “Yes.” Hands Laney a fake butcher knife – Laney brightens immediately. Interesting.


And I’ve included a picture of the escaped murderer in New York. Coincidence? sweattom


First Haircut

Kaya got her first haircut this weekend. Sort of. I couldn’t bear to actually cut her hair, so I just had them trim about an inch off. That took some of her curls away but didn’t actually get rid of much of her beautiful hair. Baby steps are all I can handle.