Laney is turning into an accessory queen. She loves necklaces and bracelets. And loves shoes even more. She literally spends about an hour a day trying to put shoes on. She can  successfully put on her snow boots, but that’s about it. These little white shoes are her current challenge.



Kaya is teaching Laney to “read.” But Kaya is only interested in teaching babies who wear the same clothes as her. Luckily Laney thinks Kaya is pretty amazing and will do anything Kaya says. So she obliged on choice of pajamas, and should be able to read soon from what Kaya tells me.


Outside Escapes

We were supposed to go camping this past weekend with Yoya and Dylan, but I got sick and just couldn’t pull myself together to drag the girls a few hours away to go camping in bad weather. But, we still found some time to escape outside this weekend to one of the playgrounds in a neighborhood in Chapel Hill.


Ridin Hy

Last weekend marked another fabulous trip to Ridin Hy with the Kircher clan (Tommy’s mom’s family). We went skiing and swimming and horseback riding and swimming and bounce housing and swimming and tubing and swimming and lots of eating and swimming. Turns out Kaya really loves swimming right now. But we also got her on skis!

IMG_8500 IMG_2282

Super good painting

We spent last weekend painting (some of) our house. Many thanks to the wonderful team of family and friends who came by to help out – the place looks great! Too bad our rugrats have already scuffed a wall or two. Here’s a picture of my friends Jen and Trent (who are sadly leaving me for Chicago in a few months) painting the hallway – they are rockstar painters and pretty good people too.