The dry season

Today we used up the last of our breastmilk supply. It’s sort of a sad milestone. I mainly stopped nursing a few months ago in order to handle chemo at work (yes, I hate you first year of fellowship). And now the meticulously pumped milk (which we had to buy an extra freezer for, and moved in dry ice from Boston) is gone.  I’m nursing my next child until they’re 8, just so you know.

The Last Bag

The Last Bag


We journeyed out to Asheboro this weekend to check out the NC Zoo. It was wonderful, although a lot of walking. But it was quite nice to see broad pastures for the animals. And the chimp closeups for the baby were awesome. Highly recommended.


Jazz brunch

We were quite disappointed when we moved back to Durham to find the Piedmont had stopped serving brunch. Well, they started up again this month and Sunday brunch includes live jazz. It was pretty good, but not baby friendly so I’m not sure we’ll be going there much. They brought Kaya her milk in a beautiful ceramic cup and that’s when I knew it was not for us. The brioche French toast was very good, but also not the same exquisite platter it used to be. We’ll stick to Waffle House which comes with plastic cups and a much smaller bill.


Snow Day!

Snow Day!!!  Kaya and I both have a snow day today! We got a good 5 inches yesterday afternoon and the Triangle has shut down.  Luckily, that includes the outpatient clinics at UNC so despite being an oncology fellow that works 80 hours per week, I get a snow day! Kaya celebrated by eating snow.  A lot of snow.


Oval Park

Our new favorite neighborhood hangout is the second closest playground to our house.  Silly Rose family was always going to the sketchy, closest playground. But turns out Oval Park is not that much farther but way better!  Look at the happiness.