One Month Fail

Just as Maggie hit her one month birthday a few weeks ago, she came down with her first cold. She was quite stuffed up and incredibly cranky – and I had two days to take a one month picture before we left for California. Unfortunately, she had no desire for a photoshoot and despite two straight days of trying, she refused to look even reasonably content for a picture. So, I present to you – her one month picture. Luckily I have screaming pictures of Kaya and Laney at one month as well, so it won’t mess up my ultimate 3 x 12 picture framing plan. She is feeling better now!


Red Rocks

I’m super glad we went to Red Rocks. (Thank you for the recommendation Stephanie and Dylan.) We almost didn’t go but decided to check it out at the last minute because we needed a place to camp for the night.

Wow, it’s incredibly beautiful. Probably the next best landscape after Yosemite. Plus, the Red Rocks campground is the nicest campground I’ve ever been to. Its main function: housing rock climbers between ascents. Great vibe there. Very laid back.

I took this picture without getting up from the bench where we ate dinner: