Taxes put to use

We park in an alley that is technically a street, as there are a couple apartments whose only street access is this alley. Well, Brookline was doing some maintenance work and had to block off the entry to the alley for about a week. Those of us that park there were given passes to park on a different street for a week. However, it created a potential fire hazard for those few apartments (maybe 6 of them?) as fire trucks wouldn’t be able to access them. Brookline’s solution? Park a fire truck in the alley THE WHOLE WEEK and hire a fireman to hang out with it at all times, just in case. No wonder property taxes in Brookline are so high!



This is the picture that hangs above the desk in the lactation room at the hospital. I spend many hours thinking about how sweet a picture it is. It’s much better than the collage of women breastfeeding during the 1970’s on the other wall. Fashion not so good back then.



Kaya has gotten really cute in the last month or so.  And one of her favorite activities is lying on her playmat and sucking on the low hanging Toucan.  Mmmm stuffed Toucan – it really makes her smile.