This picture is now a couple of weeks old, but was taken at 4am one day. After we moved, we lost all control of the girls’ sleep habits. They must have been nervous about the new house, because neither one wanted to sleep in their new room. So this is how we all slept.

BUT then we went on a cruise and their substitute caretakers whipped them into shape. Or perhaps the girls had no desire to sleep with others if mommy and daddy were out of town. Whatever the case, apparently one week is long enough for them to forget what once was, because they are sleeping beautifully in their own beds since we got back.

(Watch me eat my words tonight)

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Sorry for the blog hiatus – Tommy and I spent the last week on a cruise boat in the Western Caribbean. It was awesome. We went scuba diving, zip lining, cave tubing, beaching, shopping, ropes coursing, bowling, mini golfing, eating (lots of eating) and much more. I actually feel relaxed. And many thanks to Gammy, Pop pop, Yoya, and Dylan for watching Kaya and Laney, who are remarkably better behaved than when we left. Now back to reality…


Just recovered

I realize this is not the best quality photo. That’s because it was taken at 9pm after a marathon 14 hour day of moving. Many many thanks to Laura, Dylan, and Jordan (a friend from work) for coming to save us after hour 6 and allow us to finish (or at least, nearly finish) the job by 9pm. Shortly after this picture, I collapsed in exhaustion into my bed (and by bed, I mean mattress) and just woke up now to post this picture.