Tantrum surprise

We got a lovely Christmas surprise when Yoya and Dylan decided to join us on the second half of our family holiday tour. They were really glad about that choice when Kaya blessed them with a award-winning bedtime tantrum on their evening of arrival. I’ll post a picture of this instead.


The New Generation

A highlight of our visit to Maryland was lunch at Ledo’s with my childhood best friend Kim, her mom, her daughter Rose, my mom, and our family. Rose and Kaya were instant friends – much like their mommies on a cold December morning 29 (!) years ago. It was great fun. Here’s the group:




Laney’s old favorite food was meat (steak, ground beef, sausage, etc). Now her favorite food is meat covered in spaghetti sauce with pasta. She especially likes the mess she can make. She also prefers to eat it while listening to Deck the Halls (which is her favorite Christmas song, mainly because she can actually sing Fa La La La La).