Time flies

Kaya is growing into her chair quite nicely – although I still have to put it on the bed so when she topples out of it she doesn’t slam her head on the floor. ¬†But what a difference a couple months makes, eh?

KayaChair KayaChair6mos


Kaya suffers from a small amount of cradle cap (aka baby dandruff). ¬†It’s been mild and we’ve basically ignored it for 6 months. ¬†But the other day I decided to wage a war on baby dandruff – which consisted of dousing her with olive oil, brushing her scalp with a toothbrush, and then giving her a bath. ¬†Turns out olive oil makes for fun hairstyles and toothbrushes are pretty fun to chew on.

Toothbrush Olive Oil

Sibling Rivalry

Max remarkably understands that baby toys are off limits.  Kaya, however, does not respect that some toys are for Max only.  After this picture was taken, Max picked up his toy, carried it across the room, and stuck his tongue out at Kaya.  I heard her curse the crawling Gods under her breath.



Kaya got a new beautiful handmade blanket today from Niall – it’s the perfect size and even has a flower in the middle. Kaya decided to try it out for her nap almost immediately. Thanks!