Durham Co-housing

I just discovered that Durham is opening a co-housing community called “Central Park Co-housing”

Good news. The place is already full! Co-housing certainly is on the rise.

I ran into Doug, Nancy, Carolyn, and several others by coincidence. Very nice folks indeed.



Lake of the Woods

Grandpa Lipps took us out on his speedboat this weekend – it was a bit misty and not so sunny so no waterskiing this time. But we still got to experience the relaxing pleasure of his new boat. Kaya even started to smile once!


Our own little beaver queen

Our favorite Durham event happened this weekend: the annual Beaver Queen Pageant.  It is a fundraiser for the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association and contestants compete in a beauty pageant dressed up as beavers.  You can imagine the beaver jokes and fun!



We closed up an awesome weekend with a trip to the Eno Rock Quarry – Durham’s best swimming home. It’s a beautiful quarry, although tightly regulated with limited parking and uptight rangers. There was a snake in the water right as Tommy and Kaya got in, which really freaked me out. Otherwise it was great fun. I forgot to take pictures, so snapped this one as we were packing up.