Choo choo

We took an overnight train to Tampa for Memorial Day weekend to visit Tommy’s grandmother. The train was more comfortable and cheaper than flying with our whole family down south, and we didn’t actually lose much time since we slept on the train in our “roomette.” My advice to anyone planning such a trip: Bring lots of snacks because train food sucks, and iPad required for child happiness.

Yes B-CAN! (Family 5k)

(Edit by Tracy: BCAN stands for “Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network” and raises money for bladder cancer research and is a great support resource for patients. And we “ran” a 5K to do our part…you know, just in case my full-time job trying to cure bladder cancer isn’t enough)

Two months!

Maggie has flown by her two month mark and is growing super fast. She barely fits in her bed anymore! I like her two month picture, because it showcases her trademark punk rocker hair. And her baby jowls!


Are you going to Carrboro Fair?

We are! Or at least, we did! Highlights included: Seeing Kaya’s teacher Alicia and her family, the no-hands donut game (Laney was a champ), the treasure hunt, and meeting up with Kaya’s friend Zoe. Lowlights include Laney face planting when Kaya suggested they jump out together from the moving stroller. 4 days later and her nose is almost healed – wish I had her super healing powers. Although she should probably keep them if she’s going to keep jumping out of strollers.



We are back at home and took in our first Durham Bulls game of the season yesterday – they lost by a bunch, but it was still lots of fun. Although Wool E. Bull was there as always, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot Raymond (who is quite the dancer) also made an appearance in section 201.