A bit off

We actually have been taking Maggie’s monthly photos, but just haven’t had time to sort and post them. As a sneak preview, here’s a cute pic of Laney. Maybe the block age is a little bit off for her though.


Content and Stationary

Although Maggie has been officially crawling for a few months now, she doesn’t actually do it much. She’s learned that with two parents, a rockstar Au Pair, and 2 older sisters, she just has to complain a little and someone comes to tend to her – so why crawl? While mostly annoying, this does have the advantage of allowing me to put her down in busy/interesting places and she’ll pretty much just stay put watching her surroundings for a while. She stayed on this exhibit at the local museum for a good 15 minutes, giving Mommy a much needed break!



We had a family photoshoot as a fundraiser for Kaya’s school and used on of the pictures for our Christmas cards – I was waiting to post the others so as not to ruin the mailbox surprise of our beautiful family at Christmas time – but here’s another of my favorites.

Happy February!