Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddy has the pleasure of celebrating his birthday in the middle of Christmas mayhem and got the added benefit of single parenting the kids this year while I worked. He even got to make himself a (delicious) cake! We love you Tommy! Happy Birthday.


Board certified

After 12 years regular school (13 if you count kindergarten), 4 year of college, 4 years of medical school, 1 year of public health school, 3 years of residency, and 3 years of fellowship, I am proud to say that I am FINALLY a board certified medical oncologist (and still a board certified internist)! Woot!



Silver linings

It’s rare that I get to spend much time with the girls one-on-one (and that will probably only get worse), so if there is any silver lining about Kaya breaking her arm, it is that she’s gotten a bit of time off school to attend her weekly ortho appointments. And occasionally we can add an Ihop breakfast on top of it. Ihop’sĀ current crayon substitute is WikiStix, which are these little flexible wax straws that can be used to make lots of things, including glasses, as modeled by Kaya.



The girls went to visit Santa on Saturday evening – Kaya was quite excited to ask for her present of choice, but Laney was having none of it. In fact, since she is now speaking in complete sentences, she squarely said to me, “I don’t like Santa.” So, pretty similar to last year’s pictures.

Old Friends

Kaya (and Laney) had a special treat this Thanksgiving when their friend Emerson came down to visit for the long weekend. There was lots of playing and excitement, and maybe some bickering. But we are so thankful that Emerson and his family could come visit!