Snow Days

We a HUGE amount of snow for a typical winter here and the kids only went to school one day this week. It was measuring between 7 and 10 inches around the Chapel Hill area, which is unheard of for these parts. Luckily, the kids actually have snowpants and snowboots that fit, and we ventured out into the winter wonderland. Tommy even made it back from Boston before the storm hit. Poor Angelica has been stuck inside with 3 kids most of the week – but she was smiling when playing in the snow – this pic is definitely going on our Au Pair recruitment page next year.



The Next Generation

Our our trip to Philly, I was most excited to meet baby Grayson – the 6 month old baby boy of my college roommate Ashley. He was very cute and was very nice to share his toys. And it was lovely catching up with Ashley and see her place in Philadelphia. Smiles all around.


Santa Visits

I had a dream of getting a picture of all 3 girls with Santa, but it wasn’t in the cards. Kaya happened upon a Santa while we were in Nashville and I got a nice picture, and then Kaya and Laney went again to see Santa with Baba (although Laney kept her distance out of frame), which meant that no one was interested in a Santa picture for mommy’s blog. I’m a little bummed that I don’t have a baby picture of Maggie with Santa – I think she might hold this against me when she grows up, but I did get a very nice one of us in front of a Christmas tree. Big jowls make for big smiles.

New (Bloggin) Year

I made a grand total of one post in December, but I accidentally made a new page instead of a new post, so it didn’t show up on the home page. So please excuse January while I catch up on December.

We took a quick weekend trip a couple weeks ago to DC to give Angelica a chance to see the nation’s capital. The security around the White House was nuts – we couldn’t get anywhere near the national Christmas tree even, and there were hideous barricades set up everyone so pictures weren’t even any good. We snagged a couple in front of the Washington Monument though. And the girls were very excited to see so many “Captain America” flags.

IMG_3348 copy