Back to the grind today after a wonderful two week vacation. We essentially sat around for the last 8 days of the trip (on a cruise boat) and ate delicious food and watched movies.  It was glorious.  Tommy had one energetic afternoon with the FlowRider – he was the best surfer out there!


California Nuptials

We spent the last 5 days in Los Angeles with my college crew from Emory. We rented a place in Beverly Hills, went to the Santa Monica Beach, visited the science museum (where we actually couldn’t find the gigantic shuttle Endeavor and just assumed it wasn’t there despite all the signs), and ate a relaxing lunch at the Getty.  We also got to see my beautiful roommate Tammy get married to her lucky new husband Bryan – a big congrats to the bride and groom!  It was a beautiful outside wedding in the California hills overlooking the city.  (Unfortunately I was having too much fun to get any good pictures of the happy couple).



Kaya’s favorite current hobby is “swimming.” She loves jumping off the edge, floating on a noodle, and kicking in the water.  We flew down to Florida to visit with the Kircher family in remembrance of Great Grandpa Kircher.  Luckily for Kaya, a little pool time gave everyone a nice break.


RIP – Grandpa Kircher

Sad news in the Kircher family this week. Kaya’s great grandfather (my maternal grandfather) passed away last Sunday.

The things he was most proud of include serving in the US Navy, attending MIT, and assisting in the invention of the hovercraft with Charlie Fletcher.

He loved telling stories and would talk for as long as anyone around would listen. Sometimes longer 🙂

He was much loved and we are very sad to lose the Kircher family patriarch.  Kaya got to meet him as a baby (I hardly recognize her in this picture though) – she brought him an MIT hat to win his heart forever.  He will be missed.



Kaya and Tommy (and a large clan of Gangsteads) went to Tweetsie Railroad, a “wild west theme park” out in the mountains this weekend.  It looks like toddler paradise based on the pictures.

IMG_1073 IMG_1074