The Duke women’s basketball team played round 2 of the NCAA tournament at home last Sunday and we went to the game. It was fun and we had great seats behind the Duke bench and next to #14’s family. Kaya had a great time too, and even managed to find a friend with an iPad.


Toddler walks

Piolina got to stay at our house this weekend. Things she loved: playing with Max, sleeping in the sun in the backyard, going in to Kaya’s room in the middle of the night and shaking so her collar makes a really loud noise. ¬†Things she didn’t love: Going on walks at Kaya’s speed instead of her own speed.


4 Months!

The combination of Laney’s 4 month birthday occurring on a Monday and her getting sick this week means we were a few days late taking her 4 month picture. I think it’s a +/- 5 day window for second children anyway. And luckily, we are fever-free now. (She is watching Kaya sing “Las mariposas van por el aire, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan” in this picture). (That took me forever to type because my helpful computer autocorrected every one of those to violin and I had to change them back).



We finally got a gorgeous 70 degree day yesterday and spent the afternoon outside in the neighborhood. Laney and I ordered some tacos from the drive-thru window at Kaya’s Kitchen.

IMG_1584 IMG_1585

Riding High!

The highlight of our trip to Ridin Hy this year for the annual Kircher family dude ranch stay was Kaya’s first horseback ride. She wasn’t allowed to actually go on a trail ride due to age, but they led her around the barn and she was SO excited. It was really cute. And she didn’t even do that thing where she seems really excited about something, and then gets really scared when it actually happens (think Mickey Mouse, skiing, rides at Disney World, etc). She loved it the whole time!


Saving Daylight

This is what the ride to school looks like the morning after daylight saving time starts. The one day of the year that Kaya wants to sleep in. (And despite what Tommy and grammar rules say, I think it should be daylight savingS time)

IMG_1546 2