My first trial run with three kids in the back seat. It’s cozy, but works just fine with people weighing less than 50lbs each.

Cameo shot of Emerson on the left. I think Laney is worried about being caught on film in the middle seat.


Kaya is really interested in learning to read lately – and she is surprising me daily with her progress. English is quite difficult to read/explain at times – she keeps asking me, for example, why the “E” is not pronounced in words like “game” and “cake.” Not such a simple concept because then you also have to understand that vowels can have different pronunciations based on the context. Spanish seems much easier to learn! Anyway, here’s a cute picture¬†that Grandma Baba sent of the girls reading on MLK day at her house.



This picture was taken a couple of months ago, but I refrained from posting it so I could frame it and give it to the grandmas for Christmas. But now that it’s been gifted, I present to you my beautiful 4-year old Kaya. Please take notice of the large white ribbon on one ponytail and the small red ribbon on the other – a Kaya fashion¬†original. Happy preschool!