Happy 7th birthday to our wonderful Kaya! She had her birthday party at the movie theater for a screening of the Lion King. She also handmade her piƱata this year, although it broke a bit fast for everyone to get a chance. Her theme was moo-vies and she had a cow cake (she came up with that herself – I think inspired by Chick-Fil-A). I can’t believe I have a 7 year old!


Wool E Bull

We had the privilege of going to Bulls game with the Duke Pediatric BMT family support group and the HEARTS club. That meant we get to sit in a box, with free food, go down to the field between innings, and ride a golf cart to the dug out after the game to watch fireworks. It was pretty special. Kaya even got a haircut in the barbershop (yes, weird, I know), and Wool E Bull made a special appearance!



Kaya spent two full weeks at Schoolhouse of Wonder camp. It’s an outdoor nature camp, where they do a ton of walking and playing in the woods. Other than that, I actually never figured out what they did for most of the day. But she came home tired and happy. And dirty.



The amount of happiness that popsicles bring to our household in the summer surpasses pretty much any other summertime activity. Even Maggie, who by and large hates anything sweet, has jumped on the popsicle train. Daddy will one day come around and realize that the sticky fingered children and floors that popsicles create are well worth the deliciousness of them.


Sleeping over

Laney hosted her very first sleepover with her best friend this weekend while Kaya went to a sleepover at her friend’s house. Laney had SUCH a good time and I was really impressed with her buddy who handled being away from home like a champ. I am already sad that these two will be separated for kindergarten in a year.


Turtle picture

Every year we stop at the Manteo Aquarium and have a look around. It’s a pretty small place, but just the right size for a post-brunch stop on the way home after a week at the beach. Then we get in the car and drive through nap time, stop for dinner, and get home by bedtime. It’s a nice tradition, and we also always take a picture on the turtle. We barely fit on there anymore!




We took our annual retreat to the Outer Banks this year again – we are lucky to have the Gangsteads, the Jensen/Gores, the Chadha/Kayes, Mila, and Gammy and Pop Pop join us this year. It is an especially great trip for me, since Maggie and I missed the trip last year. It’s fun to watch her play unencumbered in the sand this year, and Kaya and Laney lovedsplashing in the water and finding crabs. Kaya even brought her bike so now I can haul Laney and Maggie in a trailer, and Kaya can ride on her own and we can go on outings to give daddy some peace and quiet at the beach house! I have only driven back to Durham once so far for Maggie’s 103 fever (metapneumovirus) to get her looked at by Duke.