Pokemon Go

Yoya and Dylan came over last night and introduced the girls to Pokemon Go, the social media video game that has been sweeping the nation (world?). The group was a little disappointed when Mommy wouldn’t let them walk all the way to the Pokemon Gym in Homestead Park during a thunderstorm, but we did catch a Beedrill!



Laney has really gotten into posing for pictures. It’s almost hard to catch her in a real smile, because as soon as she sees a camera (or more likely, a phone), she says CHEESE and makes her cheese face. Which is still cute, though.


Jordan Lake Beach

We have always known there was a “beach” at Jordan Lake, but the few times we’ve been down there, we’ve always had Max with us and didn’t think he’d be allowed on the beach (which he’s not). But today Max stayed in the air conditioning at home and the family found the beach in the Ebenezer section of Jordan Lake. And it was great! Shady trees to sit under and a great lake for Kaya to practice her new swimming skills. We’re sure to go back soon.



Today I turned in my UNC badge and my parking permit and FINISHED FELLOWSHIP. And therefore FINISHED MEDICAL TRAINING. It’s been 11 years since I started medical school and I’M DONE!!! And tomorrow I go straight back to UNC to get a new badge and a new parking permit (for the same garage, unfortunately) for my new grown-up job. WOO HOO!

And a big shoutout to my co-fellows who have all moved away by now and I will miss dearly. I couldn’t have done it without them. Here’s a picture of all of us with my new boss/the head of our division.