Fellowship Blues

So far, I’ve managed to get under my belt: 1 month, 2 weekends, 4 call nights, and 19 bone marrow biopsies.  Only 11 months, 16 weekends, 44 call nights, and god knows how many bone marrow biopsies left.  And then I can take a nap.

And because no one wants to see pictures of bone marrow biopsies, I will just post a picture of my adorable baby and her very tired mommy.


Happy Birthday Kaya!

Can’t believe it’s already been a year – happy first birthday Kaya!  (Block pictures to come later)



Happy birthday America!

I somehow came away from July 4th weekend with very few pictures. But Summer Gangstead visited Kaya from Texas (as well as the rest of the family and the Griffith/Mangan duo from beantown). Highlight of the weekend for me was a trip to the pool to actually see the sun (they don’t let me out of the hospital much anymore). This is the best pic I got of the two babies (at the Bulls game).


Surf City, here we come!

We spent a day on the North Carolina coast last weekend – in Surf City, NC.  It was actually a bit chilly so we didn’t actually go swimming, but Kaya LOVED playing in the sand.  She was fearless when facing the ocean and would have just walked right in if we hadn’t stopped her.  DSC_6191