Meet Bartleby

The big highlight of the weekend (well, at least my weekend) was finding a baby turtle in our backyard. This little guy (who I have named Bartleby) was midway through hatching when we discovered him at the bottom of the slide on our swingset (perhaps his mother didn’t always make the best egg laying choices). We watched him struggle to get out of his shell for a couple days and eventually he made it into the woods! Go Bartleby!



Salty children and pizza

I had the rare opportunity to take Kaya and Laney out for pizza Saturday night. Tommy and Maggie went to a Mexican Independence Day party at Yoya and Dylan’s and we were left on our own for dinner. They both were exhausted, since I dragged them there after dance class, a soccer game, 2 flu shots (one for each of them), and a birthday party. But I really wanted some pizza and a milkshake. Laney ate only French fries, and Kaya ate only a milkshake. And I ate nearly an entire pizza and drank Laney’s milkshake. I highly recommend the Loop’s salty pizza and a cold beer after such a Saturday. Oh, and all 3 of us even ran a lap around the neighborhood when we got back to keep Kaya on track for her school marathon. No rest for the weary! #teachgrityoung



It’s activity season again and the kids are all involved this time. All 3 girls are in ballet, although Maggie’s the only one in her class so it might be cancelled. Baba has been taking Kaya on Wednesdays, which has been working out fabulously for me because a) dinner with only 2 kids is very peaceful and the 2 youngest share many of the same preferences, b) Mila sends her to ballet so therefore puts her hair up in fabulous buns, and c) I get to maximize my quality time with her. If I take her, I just sit around for an hour and don’t spend any actual time with her. This way, we get an extra hour together on weekends and she still gets to do ballet.


Bottoms Up

Laney heard a hurricane was coming and that we should make sure we had enough water to drink if the power goes out. But no one told her that we don’t actually have to drink all the water before the hurricane. Bottoms up! (PS – no actual hurricane here, just a couple drops of rain and I think I saw a leaf fall off a tree)


Growing up

A big day for Maggie yesterday –  she started school! She is going to Laney’s school on Tuesdays/Thursdays this year and she was SO EXCITED to wear a backpack like her sisters. Laney was also very excited to be a big sister to Maggie at school. Mags came home exhausted and pretty clingy, but she did great 🙂