Roll Over!

Laney rolled front to back this week! This is the aftermath. She can finally lift her head high enough that when it falls to the side, it now takes her whole body with it. I still call it a milestone.




There are two activities that make cleanup much easier if a toddler is naked. One is potty training. The other is finger painting. Kaya had a 4 hour session where she used the potty three times with no accidents and had fun fingerpainting. She’s clearly ready to be potty trained. I just don’t think Mommy and Daddy are ready. Diapers are so easy.



It looks deceptively snowy on our street, but really it’s a solid block of ice (see: no footprints or tire tracks). Oh North Carolina winter, how I loathe your snow teasers. But at least you’re not Boston.



Yoya and Dylan have been nice enough to host us for dinner frequently in the last few weeks as we adjust to life as DIDKs (that’s double income, double kids – as opposed to a DINK). Here’s Yoya and Laney sharing a floor snuggle.