Sad news

We have some sad news to share this morning – our first baby Max has left us to romp in the big blue sky. Words cannot express how much we will miss him and we are forever grateful for such a loyal and loving sidekick for so many years. So many happy memories. We love you always and forever Max!

Happy Birthday!

My little booger turned one last week (3/9)! Time flies unbelievably fast these days – a year passed in the blink of an eye. We had a low-key birthday dinner and Maggie got her own cake compliments of Harris Teeter. Happy one year Maggie!


Animal pajamas

For ease of quick potty needs, I had phased out the one piece pajamas for Laney about 6 months ago. Well, she found a pair and has refused to wear anything else to bed since. She will refuse to put on pajamas until I find her the “animal pajamas.” And it turns out, they don’t impair pottying at all. See how happy she is about that?


By the months…

I got a new computer about 4-5 months ago, which has been great with one exception: I no longer have a SD card slot, so when we use our fancy camera (which is less and less often as it’s kinda hard to hold that big camera and 3 children), it is hard for me to get the pictures off without digging out my old computer which inevitably needs software updates or is out of power or nowhere to be found.

A long explanation for why posting of Maggie’s monthly pictures has lagged – but may I present you with Maggie-by-the-month. These were actually taken on time but just not posted, I swear. We took her 11 month picture this morning with 16 hours to spare!

maggie8monthsmaggie - 9monthsmaggie10months11 months - maggie



Bring on spring

A lovely NC weekend a few days ago with temperatures in the 70’s and we basically spent the whole weekend outside. Kaya apparently had spent the week pre-arranging play dates with her friends so we obliged and spent Saturday with her classmates. It’s really Kaya’s world and we’re just living in it sometimes