I’ve been using moving boxes to help quarantine Kaya in certain rooms while I unpack so I can keep an eye on her.  They work quite well to keep her contained.  Until they don’t.


Baby Jenga

We’re new members of the NC Museum of Life and Science.  Tommy especially loved the block exhibit.  Kaya played Jenga with his meticulously constructed bridge – you don’t need this piece, do you Daddy?


It’s official…

Kaya’s a biped!  She now uses walking as her primary mode of transportation and only resorts to crawling for distances greater than one room away.  The best part about it is the HUGE smile on her face every time she walks.



The Rose Family (and all our stuff) has officially arrived in Durham. The move was seamless. A huge shootout to Pony Express moving on the Boston side and Trosa on the Durham side for taking such good care of our stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped us pack, ate dinner with us along the way, and brought us champagne when we arrived. Nothing like the fine dining experience of champagne and mac n cheese after a long day of unpacking.




Kid port

Thank you Boston Logan for a fun place to crawl while waiting to board. Unfortunately it did not prevent a 2 hr screaming fest while on board. As far as I can tell, flying with a baby gets exponentially harder as they age.



We took a last minute trip up to Montreal for Memorial Day weekend.  It takes about 5 hours to get there and we faced snow squalls and fatigue on the way, but it was well worth it.  “Free museum day” sounded like a lucky break when we arrived, but it turns out it meant >3 hour waits at any museum in town.  So, instead we explored the city and stayed in a luxury hotel downtown.  The city is quite nice – there is a huge cemetery in the northern part (like, bigger than Central Park).  Max went to French Canadian doggie daycare.  Kaya ate her first croissant.  We explored the “underground city” – a series of tunnels and walkways between buildings that every northern city should have.  We saw McGill graduation day.  We got pulled over by a cop who very nicely gave us directions.  The Canadian border guard gave us a pretty hard time about Max (and his lack of rabies certificate…which we have, just not in paper form).  We saw cobblestone streets.  And ate crepes.  And chocolate.  Any many people tried to speak to us in French.  Here’s Kaya saying “Bon Appetite!”: