Happy Halloween!

A bit of last minute pumpkin carving at our house last night. Tommy gets all the credit for the artistry – but I get the idea points. (That’s the Testive fox on the right, for those of you that don’t know Tommy’s company logo: Testive.com)


Fried pumpkin pie

Autumn is not complete without a trip to the NC state fair.  We had a relatively brief visit this year, as it got quite crowded by mid-day. But, we managed to eat some very disgusting food, ride the carousel and see the animals. Next year I may even try some fried pumpkin pie.


Defy Gravity

There’s a local trampoline park which has little kid hours from 9-10am on weekdays – not exactly the most convenient time for two working parents.  I’ve been wanting to take Kaya there ever since we moved here – and today was my chance.  Her school is closed today for some reason, which means I snuck away from work for a few hours.  And boy was it worth it!  Unfortunately, heavy trampolining and 36 weeks of gestation do not go together very well so Kaya had to do much of the jumping, but she didn’t seem to mind.



I am becoming very fond of fall in Durham – there’s so much to do and the weather has been fabulous. Last weekend we had tickets on the Pumpkin Patch Express train at the Museum of Science and had a great opportunity for a nice family picture.DSC_9109