Tree’s Up!

We got right to it this year after Thanksgiving and had the tree up well before December hit. (Can thank COVID for that). These little rugrats are finally old enough to actually be a help. I also hung Christmas lights all over the porch. I tested the lights prior to putting them up, but failed to realize that 1/3 of a strand can be out at a time (I was just looking for “on” or “off”. So after they were hung perfectly and plugged in, I realized that two strands were actually not fully working, but they are just going to stay that way.

Nap needed

Travis stopped by on the way to vacation to debate politics and COVID restrictions. I exhausted him with my intellect, so I snapped a picture of him resting on the couch (it was also Maggie’s nap time; they have similar stamina).

Happy Place

After 4 kids, I finally have a recommendation for a baby carrier for the 0-6months age (in North Carolina). I’ve owned MANY (Bjorn, Moby, Ergo, Ergo performance, Boba, ring sling, Infantino, Stokke, among others), and I finally love the Baby K’tan Active for this age range. And so does Orly!


Kaya and Laney are learning about the Day of the Dead at school, and Kaya even made an Ofrenda with all her dead relatives and friends. Including the goldfish she had for 3 days before convincing our au pair Angelica that she could change the water herself but not realizing she had to treat the water. Poor little fishy, but he earned a perch on the Ofrenda.