Happy Birthday Laney!

I can’t believe my little bitty is already one! During our typical Monday morning rush to get to work on time, this is the only picture I could grab of Laney in her birthday shirt. So far, one year old Laney still doesn’t sleep, likes to cruise around the living room, and has a mission to destroy all completed puzzles. Happy birthday Laney!
(Aside: We did take an 11 month picture over the weekend – but it’s sitting on the camera SD card so I’ll have to post it later. Thank god we have a year to take the 12 month photo!)



I’m in Chicago for a meeting of the Alliance (cue Star Wars music – just kidding, it’s an oncology clinical trials cooperative group). To ease my baby-sickness (you know, like homesickness, except with babies), I am looking at pictures. Here’s a cute one from Home Depot last weekend. Clearly sisters in this one.