There really was stone and a mountain

Last weekend we went out west of Winston Salem to Stone Mountain (who knew there was another one?) for a nice hike with Laura and Dylan. Despite the picture, I carried one child or the other for most of the hike and it was steep enough that I was a bit (okay, a lot) sore for a few days.


Human weakness

Tommy gave a talk tonight at Lenovo on “Using Technology to Overcome Human Weakness.” He’s so badass that people just ask him to talk to large groups of smart people these days. Although he has yet to figure out how to use technology to help me get two babies in bed by 8 by myself while he’s giving talks.



We won’t post a picture of the vomiting and misery that’s actually going on today at the Rose house. Instead, here’s a nice picture of Kaya a few hours before she started blowing chunks.